Mapo tofu麻婆豆腐

ma pu tofu去了一家在熱內亞中國餐廳叫做盛sheng
之前帶團過去吃過 印象還不錯
今天再去吃 老闆還記得我 我要哭了
但我好想吃辣 誰叫義大利人平時不吃辣
辣在嘴裡 甜在心裡阿!

[ENG]  I went to a Chinese restaurant called sheng.
I went once because took guest to have lunch,
today I went again, the owner remember me, I wanted to cry because of happy.
The restaurant two choice, buffet or order,
But owner was nice, did some special for me, I had buffet and order.
I want to eat spicy because Italian is not used to eat spicy.
I order mapo tofu, tofu in spicy meat sauce, Very nice with rice.
I’m happy to eat Chinese food!

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