Pig in the temple

pig in temple
我是台灣人,我知道對你們來說跟中國人沒有分別。但就跟韓國一樣分為南韓北韓,這兩個地方就完全不同的,北韓是共產國家南韓是民主國家,但他們也說一樣語言,我們不會覺得他們是一樣的國家。同樣的情況在台灣跟中國,台灣是民主國家但我們跟大陸說一樣語言,所以不能這樣就說我們是一樣的 對吧。

[ENG] I’m Taiwanese maybe for European I’m Chinese, nothing different. But just like Korean separate north and south, they are totally different, north is communist country but South Korea is democracy. But they speak the same language. So Taiwan and China is the same situation, we speak the same language but in Taiwan we are democracy. So now you can understand we are not the same.
In Taiwan, we still keep Chinese traditional, specially in religion. We still go to temple and trust god.
In traditional when we have problem, we will go to temple and make a wish. If come true, we will thank god and do something it depends on what you talk to god. Normally small wish, we will give back flower or fruit, big wish maybe a pig or make a Taiwanese opera. Today I went to temple, I was lucky to see someone redeem a wish. It was a all pig, this is very traditional and I think he was make a big wish.

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