Wedding invitation (foto)

Wedding invitation

沒想到 我已經到要收喜帖的年紀
拜託 大家慢慢來 我還沒賺夠錢
中式傳統喜帖 充滿大紅的顏色
還有雙方家長的名字 這外國人可能很難明白 因為常常不是只邀請新人的朋友更常是邀請父母親的朋友 所以要寫父母親名字才知道喜帖是誰放的
總之 祝你幸福

[ENG] I already reach the age for getting wedding invitation.
I beg my friends please don’t marry so early and quickly, I have to work hard for everybody’s Red envelope. Hehe
This is traditional wedding invitation, the color is only red. It means good sign for Taiwanese. But now wedding day we also wear white wedding dress like western wedding. If I’m old school, maybe I will try red color of Chinese traditional wedding dress.
Inside the invitation, there are bride and broom’s name and where and what time of the wedding. Also one information is bride and broom’s parents’ names, it’s hard to understand because in Taiwanese wedding we not only invite my friends but also invite parents’ friends, maybe their friends more than couple, so write parents’ name is important.
Anyway, congratulations!

wedding invitation

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