New York Washington square (foto)

New York Washington square

紐約 華盛頓廣場
這個廣場上 有個著名的凱旋門
聽導遊說 18世紀這裡其實是墳場
在要蓋公園 往下挖時 挖到一具具的屍體 總共2000具
他們就往別處送 這裡就蓋成公園了

In this square, there is famous triumphal arch. If you are smart, you will find a point, you can take photo for triumphal arch and Empire State Building.
According to guide, there was a cemetery in 18 century. When they built this square park, they discovered body, because it’s cemetery long time ago, and everyone forget it. They dig out all the body about 2000 body, then built Washington square park as we know.

washington square 1

washington square 2

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