Chicken over rice (foto)

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Chicken over rice

You can see a lot of Middle East food in New York City street. Honestly I have to say this is one of the best food in New York, it is cheap and delicious. This photo food calls chicken over rice. But it was not from street, it was made by my friends, they are from Saudi Arabia. They made very good Arab food!!! I was lucky to eat it, really local from Saudi Arabia, hehe. I should invite them come to Taiwan to cook for you guys.

你可以看到有很多的中東料理在紐約的街頭賣,我不得不說這是紐約最好的食物之一,便宜又好吃又吃的飽!但你看到的相片不是來自街頭,這是我的朋友自己做的,他們來在沙烏地阿拉伯,他們很會煮飯,我很幸運吃到了道地的chicken over rice. 真的很好吃 下次邀請他們來台灣煮好了 哈哈哈

chicken over rice

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