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Lady M is a famous dessert store in New York. I went to there with friends, but we all didn’t know where it is. We Google it and tried to navigate, but we still can’t find it. While I tried to ask a doorman where it is, I didn’t ask him, he already said you want to find Lady M, right?! Oh my!! Did my face write I want to find Lady M? Or was it famous only for Asia people? Anyway this is a famous green tea cake. I like it, it is delicious!

紐約有名甜點店 Lady M, 我們ㄧ群人找了半天找不到,想說問酒店外的服務生,我話都還沒問出口,他就先說你要找Lady M吧, 太不可思議了。或許我的臉有寫我在找lady M或是這家在亞洲地區真的太有名了。這照片是著名的抹茶蛋糕,好吃

ladyM cake

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