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Grand Mr Onion (foto)

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Grand Mr Onion

台灣吃西餐這件事 已經是常態了
從前菜 開胃菜 沙拉 湯品 冰沙 主菜 甜點 飲料 做成套餐式的
這為什麼不能自由意志 愛吃什麼點什麼 前菜好吃我想只吃前菜阿 哈
這次我去吃的是 Grand Mr. Onion
Onion好像分家了 原本是只吃排餐非套餐
這次吃了一個套餐下來 沒有覺得特別驚豔
那個小小披薩上有很多香菇 天阿
我沒有不喜歡吃 但那麼多的時候也受不了
牛肉的肉質一般般 覺得沒什麼牛味
到了飲料 看到姐姐喝的奶茶 真的有點無言 茶跟牛奶分開 牛奶給一點點我一口就喝完 但茶是一大壺 救命阿
結論 我應該短時間不會光顧了

[ENG] It’s normal that we have dinner in western restaurant in Taiwan. But I’m always wondering why every restaurant do the same things like Wowprime.
In those restaurant, you have order from appetizer, main course, dessert and drink, no less and no more, step by step. Why I can’t order two appetizer If I like. They say this is package. It’s really few restaurant like I eat at Italy. Maybe it’s more suit for Taiwanese.
I had dinner In restaurant called Grand Mr. Onion.
I have to say the photo like nice, but for eat not very good, no special.
You see the pizza full of mushroom, I don’t hate mushroom but so many, I can’t handle.
The beef taste not so beef smell.
Dessert and drink I already give up to take photo. My sister order milk tea, usually they gave a pot of milk tea, but they separate tea and milk. The milk was a little and the tea was a pot. How come to be milk tea!
Anyway, in short time I would not come again.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Meng Chieh Yang ha detto:

    但是據說 這個Mr.Onion 才是這種型態的西餐的始祖 是王品學人家的!!!!

  2. Avatar Alina Chen ha detto:

    Yes, I will take you to other restaurant I like more.

  3. Avatar Luca De Angelis ha detto:

    You don't like, eh?