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Burj al arab (foto)

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Burj al arab

burj al arab

這就是我們說的帆船酒店 但英文其實是阿拉伯塔
我們是取用它的外型而叫它 帆船酒店
每晚要價1800美金起 裡面果真金碧輝煌
跟著客人進去 假裝有錢真好
一樓客廳 二樓房間 全部都面海
備品男女各一套全採用愛瑪仕 全為正品100ml

[ENG]In Chinese we call Burj al Arab is sailboat hotel, because it’s exterior appearance.
If you want to stay in this hotel, you have to pay more than 1800 dollars. I have been the room once, The room is very nice. All suite has two floors, first floor is living room and second room is bedroom, all face the ocean.
The things you use like shampoo, bath oil, prefame are all hermes.
Burj al Abab is only one called 7 stars hotel in the world. If I have money, maybe I will stay there and enjoy.

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