Korea fried chicken

Korea fried chicken.
In Korea, the fried chicken has the ranking. Now I post the one is second place. The champion is Nana, the second is BH7, the third is kyochon. All the fried chicken has different tasty, if you can find the one you like, you will love it very much. By the way the chicken I post is cheese flavor, it was very nice, and with beer is in the heaven. Haha

在韓國炸雞是有排名的,第一名是nana炸雞, 第二名是BH7千頌伊代言的,第三名是橋村炸雞李敏皓代言的。雖然我是李敏皓的粉絲, 但酒店離橋村炸雞五公里,他們不幫我外送。退而求其次選了千頌伊,但是他的起司炸雞很好吃。最後就是不管什麼炸雞都該配啤酒~