Autore: Alina

Young Taiwanese girl that post images and write information in Chinese helping all visitors to know what she see and visit!
10 Aprile 2015

Korea fried chicken

Korea fried chicken. In Korea, the fried chicken has the ranking. Now I post the one is second place. The champion is Nana, the second is BH7, the third is kyochon. All the fried chicken has different tasty, if you can find the one you like, you will love it very much. By the way the chicken I post is cheese flavor, it was very […]

4 Marzo 2015

Dolphin in Khasab

Dolphin in Khasab. 我覺得我的iphone太厲害了 可以拍到海豚親親的相片 這張在阿曼王國的哈薩伯拍的 話說那天太冷了 連導遊都覺得海豚不會出現 但我一直說我很幸運一定可以看到 結果海豚跟著我們的船游了五六分鐘 我真幸運 I’m proud of my iPhone, because I took this photo Dolphins kisses. This photo I took in Khasab. That day the weather was too cold, even the guide thought Dolphins would not appear. But I said Im lucky we will see. In the end, Dolphins followed our ship for 6mins more. I’m really lucky!!!

4 Marzo 2015

Atlantis the palm hotel

Atlantis the palm hotel. 亞特蘭提斯酒店 又是一家在杜拜這城市裡名氣很大的酒店 相較於帆船酒店 亞特蘭提斯酒店更渡假風格 是那種會帶著全家大小一起來玩水享受 畢竟杜拜是處於乾旱地區 所以要展現財力 沒有個超好玩水上樂園怎麼行 總之 就是享受生活吧 Atlantis hotel is another one famous hotel. Compare with Burj al Arab, Atlantis hotel, is more relax and casual style. Altantis is that one you will come with family, play water and enjoy. Honestly, Dubai is very hot place so how to show they are rich? Of course building a water […]

4 Marzo 2015

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa. 這是從全世界最高塔 哈里發塔拍下來的景色 天氣很好 所以可以看到帆船酒店跟地圖島 帆船酒店就建在海上 是不是很厲害 如果你有空可以看discovery 就知道這非常違被常理 根本就是俗語的人定勝天 地圖島是棕欖島的另一個傑作 用人造島的方式 在海上做一個世界地圖 最後看看這些摩天大樓 完全想不到1970年 這裡只是沙漠 土豪國果真與眾不同 從騎駱駝直接改開法拉利 看完別人的生活 只能喝杯茶說 有錢真好 Those photo was taken from Burj khalifa the highest building in the world. The weather was nice at that day, you can see Burj al Arab and the world map of Dubai island. Burj al Arab was made at sea, if you want […]

4 Marzo 2015

Burj al arab

Burj al arab. 這就是我們說的帆船酒店 但英文其實是阿拉伯塔 我們是取用它的外型而叫它 帆船酒店 每晚要價1800美金起 裡面果真金碧輝煌 小女子慧慧曾進去過一次 跟著客人進去 假裝有錢真好 它裡面房間皆為樓中樓格局 一樓客廳 二樓房間 全部都面海 備品男女各一套全採用愛瑪仕 全為正品100ml 也是世界上唯一被稱為七星級酒店 果然名不虛傳吧 In Chinese we call Burj al Arab is sailboat hotel, because it’s exterior appearance. If you want to stay in this hotel, you have to pay more than 1800 dollars. I have been the room once, The room is very nice. All suite has two […]

15 Febbraio 2015

Sophia church

Sophia church. If we only see this building, I don’t think you will guess I’m in China, It’s because Harbin is the Russian colony. It built at 1907 by Russian army. The style is Eastern Orthodoxy. I didn’t get inside because it needs to pay and I didn’t have time actually.