Autore: Alina

Young Taiwanese girl that post images and write information in Chinese helping all visitors to know what she see and visit!
26 Gennaio 2015

Wine tasting

Wine tasting I joined a wine testing. We drank two prosecco, one champagne and two red wine. All of them are nice, Specially champagne. If you saw F1 race car, you known champion opened this for celebrating. Three of them are from Italy. What I can say, Italy is a very nice place. People are nice, wine is nice, buildings are nice and history was […]

16 Gennaio 2015

Caprice Restaurant, 3 star Michelin

Caprice Restaurant, 3 star Michelin. This is my first Michelin 3 stars restaurant, Caprice. This restaurant is at four season hotel (just in front of Victoria port) in Hong Kong. there are good food and nice service. I put every food photo I had, even the menu. the price is 1590 HK dollar= 159 euro but we also had to pay water and red wine. […]

27 Dicembre 2014

Sun moon lake

Sun moon lake. I woke up this morning because this view. I was too lucky to be here. This photo I took from sun moon lake also in the middle of Taiwan. I have to say why you still at home, go out! Every thing is so nice.