Burj Khalifa (foto)

Burj Khalifa

這是從全世界最高塔 哈里發塔拍下來的景色
天氣很好 所以可以看到帆船酒店跟地圖島
帆船酒店就建在海上 是不是很厲害
就知道這非常違被常理 根本就是俗語的人定勝天
用人造島的方式 在海上做一個世界地圖
完全想不到1970年 這裡只是沙漠
看完別人的生活 只能喝杯茶說

[ENG]Those photo was taken from Burj khalifa the highest building in the world.
The weather was nice at that day, you can see Burj al Arab and the world map of Dubai island.
Burj al Arab was made at sea, if you want to know how they built this, you can check discovery then you will know it’s incredible.
the world map of dubai island is idea from world map, they built land part island at sea and sell the island. It’s awesome also. If you can take helicopter, you will see the world map.
And you see the skyscrapers, could you image it was desert in 1970.
This country is really rich like before they only ride camel and after they drive Ferrari.
I saw all of this, drink tea and sigh
Rich is so nice!

Burj al arab

Burj al arab

Burj al arab.

這就是我們說的帆船酒店 但英文其實是阿拉伯塔
我們是取用它的外型而叫它 帆船酒店
每晚要價1800美金起 裡面果真金碧輝煌
跟著客人進去 假裝有錢真好
一樓客廳 二樓房間 全部都面海
備品男女各一套全採用愛瑪仕 全為正品100ml

Burj al arab

[ENG]In Chinese we call Burj al Arab is sailboat hotel, because it’s exterior appearance.
If you want to stay in this hotel, you have to pay more than 1800 dollars. I have been the room once, The room is very nice. All suite has two floors, first floor is living room and second room is bedroom, all face the ocean.
The things you use like shampoo, bath oil, prefame are all hermes.
Burj al Abab is only one called 7 stars hotel in the world. If I have money, maybe I will stay there and enjoy.