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4 Marzo 2015

Dolphin in Khasab

Dolphin in Khasab. 我覺得我的iphone太厲害了 可以拍到海豚親親的相片 這張在阿曼王國的哈薩伯拍的 話說那天太冷了 連導遊都覺得海豚不會出現 但我一直說我很幸運一定可以看到 結果海豚跟著我們的船游了五六分鐘 我真幸運 I’m proud of my iPhone, because I took this photo Dolphins kisses. This photo I took in Khasab. That day the weather was too cold, even the guide thought Dolphins would not appear. But I said Im lucky we will see. In the end, Dolphins followed our ship for 6mins more. I’m really lucky!!!