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16 Dicembre 2014

Charging bull

Charging bull. I think everyone knows charging bull because it is located on Wall Street And many movie and film let it in scene. A lot of people take photo with Charging bull, so this one is unusual no one inside. 華爾街銅牛大家都不陌生,太多的電影和影集都會在此拍攝。這張照片唯一厲害的點就是沒有人在裡面,那裡有太多觀光客所以要拍到沒人的很有難度 哈

13 Dicembre 2014

LadyM cake

LadyM cake. Lady M is a famous dessert store in New York. I went to there with friends, but we all didn’t know where it is. We Google it and tried to navigate, but we still can’t find it. While I tried to ask a doorman where it is, I didn’t ask him, he already said you want to find Lady M, right?! Oh my!! […]

13 Dicembre 2014

View of New York City from flight

View of New York City from flight. I took this photo I the flight, the weather was so nice and the sky was so blue. But My mind was a little blue. I like New York, this city is full of energy. I think I will visit again. Fly to the sky and come back TAIWAN, time to work!!! 在飛機上拍了這張相片,天氣真好,天空好藍。但我的心有點憂鬱,我喜歡紐約, 紐約充滿了活力!飛向天空回來台灣, 是時候該工作了。

25 Novembre 2014

Manhattan night view

Manhattan night view. This photo I took form Brooklyn bridge. It looks like city jungle. All skyscraper. But it’s very nice to see this night view. I feel Like in the film. 曼哈頓夜景 我在布魯克林橋拍這張相片。全部都是摩天大樓像是城市叢林。但這真的很棒看到這個夜景像是在電影裡出現的場景。

25 Novembre 2014

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty, I’m coming! No doubt I’m in New York. The statue is lower than my imagination, it’s ok, ha… But this statue is important to me, It is all about I watched movies fault. 自由女神 我來了 完全不用懷疑 我真的在紐約 本尊比想像中的自由女神還要矮一點 但是這對我來說 好重要 一切都是電影看太多的錯

16 Novembre 2014

Time square New York

Time square New York. I believe if I don’t say, you also know it. This scene show up many movies! New York big apple, I feel it!!! 紐約時代廣場 相信我都不說 你們也都知道 出現在無數的電影場景裡 紐約大蘋果 我感覺到了 Where is Time Square: