Insalata greca (foto)

Insalata greca

Essere in Grecia consente sia di vedere posti e spiagge incantati ma anche di godere della cucina tipica ellenica che, nella sua semplicità, regala piatti conosciuti in tutto il mondo.
L’esempio è l’insalata greca: pomodori, cetrioli, cipolla, olive, capperi e la famosissima feta!

[ENG] Being in Greece allows both to see places and enchanted beaches but also to enjoy the Greek cuisine that, in its simplicity, offering dishes that are known throughout the world.
The example is the Greek salad: tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, capers and feta famous!

insalata greca

防曬油 sun block

防曬油 sun block

所以大部分看都不用看 就是SPF50
但某人說 買係數那麼高又白回去怎麼辦
我內心想 這做什麼用
我笑了 瞬間覺得 文化差異來了 哈

[ENG] Choose sun block
I think of all Taiwanese are the same election law that the higher the SPF the better.
Today we buy sun block,
I never thought to buy less than SPF 30.
But Luca said that if buy it is so high and white back quickly, it looks like vacation on the north Europe.
So we bought a sun block SPF15.
I laughed instantly and thought this is culture shock. Haha