Insetti da gustare 3 (foto)

Insetti da gustare 3

insetti thailandia

Ancora prelibatezze thailandesi: insetti fritti, che francamente ho anche difficoltà a riconosvere, dalle bancarelle del mercato notturno di Koh Sumui.

[ENG] Again Thai delicacies: fried insects, which frankly I also have difficulty riconosvere, from market stalls Night Koh Sumui.

Granchio, gamberi, calamaro e pesce (foto)

Granchio, gamberi, calamaro e pesce

Un pranzetto di tutto rispetto (pagando una decina di euro) solo qui in Thailandia!
Un bel granchio, un paio di gamberi, un calamaro ed un filetto di pesce fritto.

mix crostacei

Spiagge da sogno: Chaweng in Thailandia (foto)

Spiagge da sogno: Chaweng in Thailandia

Potrebbe non essere la più bella della Thailandia però è già un buon inizio. Non sapendo bene dove andare oggi abbiamo deciso di stare in zona albergo e rilassarci al sole della spiaggia più commerciale di Koh Samui anche se di sole poche tracce.

chaweng beach

Wat Phra Doi Surhep

Wat phra doi suhep

Wat Phra Doi Surhep

繞三圈 祈禱
可惜我這趟時間有限 沒做了
只能安慰自己 心誠則靈

Many people with empty mind walk 3 times circle under the tower and pray.
What a pity, this time I don’t have time to do, I comfort myself pray in heart.

Wat phra doi suhep

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is a Theravada Buddhist temple (wat) in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. The temple is often referred to as “Doi Suthep” although this is actually the name of the mountain where it’s located. It is a sacred site to many Thai people. The temple is 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) from the city of Chiang Mai.
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Part of Wat Rong Khan (foto)

Part of Wat Rong Khan


This corner is telling people: don’t drink, drinking is not good.
I only can say: I will not drink this brand. Just joking.
No alcohol no colorful life, but don’t over. One more important thing, drinking no driving, driving no drinking.

wat rong khan 1

Wat Chedi Luang (foto)

Wat Chedi Luang

興建在清邁正市中心 距今700多年
約朋友或找不到人 就在大塔寺見

This temple stands at centraltown in Chiang Mai, already 700 years history.
In past, no cell phone and telephone, if you can not find someone or you want to meet someone, this temple is a meeting point. Until now, this temple still the highest building in old town of Chiang Mai.

wat chedi luang 1

wat chedi luang 2