Visita alle Cantine Ferrari a Trento (foto)

Visita alle Cantine Ferrari a Trento (foto)

La settimana scorso sono stato, con alcuni colleghi, a visitare le Cantine Ferrari per un workshop legato alla partnership tra la mia società e loro.

Un’esperienza unica nella casa di una delle eccellenze italiane e mondiali.

Eccellenza dimostrata dalla stessa famiglia Lunelli, che ci ha accolti e coccolati in questa esperienza.

Vi posto le foto che ho scattato cercando di rendere quanto provato:

Per qualche immagine farò un articolo specifico spiegando meglio di che si tratta.

Se siete interessati a saperne di più sul marchi Ferrari cliccate qui; se vi interessa sapere di più sulla Locanda Margon cliccate qui.

Turkish Airlines

今天要分享的就是 土耳其航空
好處是 價格便宜 轉機時間也OK
雖然我匆匆忙忙趕回來 得在伊斯坦堡轉機等10小時

首先呢 因為我不是富裕人家
所以買機票 首重價格 反正都會去很多天 轉兩次機我是可以接受的
所以我用了 手機的app skyscanner 查詢了一下價格
最便宜到米蘭的飛機 是阿提哈德航空Etihad airways
一樣轉兩遍飛機 可是每次轉機要等六到八小時
雖然我時間很充裕 但真的不想等那麼久
又找泰航 可是好像是回來沒位置就取消念頭
找阿找的 看到土耳其航空給了我一線希望
轉機時間兩小時左右 然後價格又漂亮
台北到米蘭我機票幾乎是出發前10天決定 36000左右

今天其實我是要說 我回來在土耳其伊斯坦堡轉機時間10小時
如何打發漫漫長夜 是大白天啦
所以呢 聰明的我 腦袋竟然想到我之前看的電視
因為工作關係 所以要出發前我都在旅遊電視節目
於是我就想到吳鳳有介紹過土耳其 好像說有什麼免費的城市觀光
包打聽的我 我就開始請教google大神
果然有這東西 官網也有公告 有附圖

而且更好的是什麼 你知道嗎
只是你是土耳其航空轉土耳其航空 在伊斯坦堡轉機
轉機時間大於六小時 小於二十四小時 你就可以好禮二選一
我喜歡去逛逛 因為非常害怕去休息到最後 上飛機睡不著 更慘
你就看自己轉機時間 看可以參加哪一個 我是參加第二梯
不論是哪個 反正所有的餐點 景點門票都是免費

但你要享受這好禮二選一 像我拿的是台灣護照 我一定要做的是
按進去後 一步一步做 然後記得要刷卡付費即可
電子簽證 最後付的錢約25美金 相當划算

這些都研究完後 就是怎麼參加呢
很簡單不用報名 你只要當天到了機場
拿著你的簽證 過了海關 不要領行李阿 你的行李應該會直接回目的地
所以穿過領行李的地方 走出來 看到很多人在接機的地方
你就向右轉 要走一小段看到星巴克
在星巴克隔壁就是土耳其航空的櫃台和寄存行李的地方(手提行李就寄放 須付費)
然後跟櫃台說 你想參加city tour
他就會收你的登機證 等時間差不多時
他會還給你 然後開始city tour 跟著導遊走 是不是很簡單呢

[ENG] Today, I want to share Turkish Airlines
Because I flied with Turkish Airlines to Italy Milan
the advantage is cheap and transfer time were OK
Although I have to more than 10 hours in Istanbul for transfer
But ten hours I have not been idle

First I am not rich people
So price is my consider for buying a ticket
I used the phone’s app skyscanner query about the price
The cheapest flight to Milan is Etihad Airways
But I have to wait six to eight hours for every time transfering
Although time is very rich but I really do not want to wait that long
So I started looking for other flights
Thai Airways also one of my option but no seat go back taiwan
looking to see Turkish Airlines gave me a glimmer of hope
Turnaround time is about two hours and then the price is pretty
So I was decided that this Turkish Airlines
Taipei flights to Milan, I almost decided about 10 days before departure price900 euro

Today, in fact, I would say I’m back in the turnaround time of 10 hours in Istanbul, Turkey
How to pass broad daylight
I though before I watching TV program
Because the working relationship so before I have to start a television program in tourism
So I think Wu Feng has introduced Turkey seem to say what a free city tour
I began to ask google Great God
Sure enough, there is this thing official website also has showroom drawings

And the better you know what
Just turn you are Turkish Airlines Turkish Airlines in Istanbul turnaround
Transit time is longer than six hours less than twenty-four hours you can choose a gift to two
The first five-star hotel is free to rest
The second is a free city tour
I like to go shopping because it is very afraid to go to sleep on the plane to the final resting worse
City tour with three time points
The first is 9:00 ~ 15:00
The second is 12:00 ~ 18:00
The third is 09:00 ~ 18:00
You can see their transit time to see which one I can attend to attend the second ladder
Anyway, no matter which all meals are free attraction tickets

But you have to enjoy this gift to choose one as I get a Taiwan passport I have to do is
So I have a photo of the place to do e-visa ring up
After pressing and then go step by step, do remember to credit card payment can be
E-visa money to pay about 25 dollars last quite a bargain

After these studies is how to participate in it
Registration is very simple as long as you do not have the day to the airport
Take your visa through customs not your luggage baggage claim A should be directly back to destination
So through the baggage claim where a lot of people come out to see the pick-up place
You turn right to go short to see Starbucks
Starbucks next door is Turkish Airlines luggage counter and place (hand luggage must be paid on the deposit)
Then with the counter that you want to attend city tour
He’ll take you almost boarding pass, etc. Time
He’ll pay you back and then start walking city tour guided tour is not very easy to use them